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Six Considerations That Will Help You Choose the Right Security Company in Miami

Homeland Patrol Corporation is a security guard agency offering services to our community, including unarmed uniformed officers. We provide professional services at a cost-effective hourly rate.

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As a responsible business owner operating out of Miami, you would always understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your employees on company grounds .

The best and the most professional way to address this pressing need may be to hire a security company in Miami.

While you are considering the option of hiring a security guard in Miami, you should remember that making a choice purely based on cost may not always be the best approach.

Here are six key aspects you should consider (in addition to the cost), in order to pick the right security company in Miami for your valuable business.

  1. Do they have a local unit?

The security company should have an operational unit in the Florida region. Miami security companies are more likely to be aware of the local safety rules and hazards that apply to the city, and would be better prepared to address all areas of concern quickly and responsibly.

In addition to this, proximity to the central command plays a key role for timely action, especially when your business needs security reinforcement during a crisis situation.

  1. Does the company have adequate experience?

A newly formed security agency in Miami might attract you with a low price. But they may not be best suited to address the security needs and complications that come with a large commercial facility, construction site or a corporate office.

This is also true for the individual guard assigned to your business. Even when you are dealing with a well-established security company, it is worthwhile to ensure that the security guards chosen for your company are well-training and have strong past experience in this job.

  1. Do they have the required licenses?

It might surprise you, but that there are a number of dubious security companies that operate without licenses, and then attempt to mask this by slashing their prices. A security guard in Miami requires an approved license in order to carry an armed weapon.

They will also need to pass through a thorough background check before they are licensed. These are mandated by the law in order to protect businesses in Miami.

In turn, you can do your civic duty by ensuring that the Miami security company you choose to associate with has a pristine reputation, and has all the necessary approvals and licenses to operate.

  1. Do they have suitable insurance?

Imagine if your night security guard in Miami sustained a knee injury while chasing away vandals.

It could quickly turn into a complicated situation for you if the guard is not protected by suitable insurance, and hence decides to sue your company for ignoring the lapse of the security company. This unwanted circumstance can be easily avoided if you ensure while hiring that the security guard is adequately insured.

  1. How do they handle a security emergency?

It is critical for the safety of both your company and your security guard to have adequate security backup to handle any emergency.

In fact, this is exactly when top Miami security companies will quickly send out their best workforce (and not untrained rookies). You will probably need to dig deep to understand their equation, but this can be the decisive factor that affects your decision to choose a particular security company in Miami.

  1. How frequently do they update their technology?

It is worthwhile to stick to some old-school principles when it comes to security, as many of them are in fact timeless. However, the same cannot be said of technology.

Does your Miami security company actively embrace new (and often better and hence safer) operational methods and technology?

How frequently do they retrain their personnel on updated technology? This is another area where you will need to delve into in order to gauge the technological capability and responsiveness of a security company.


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A Vanguard in The Security Service Industry

With 25 years experience, Homeland Patrol is the dedicated security team you need to protect your business and employees. Through the years Homeland Patrol has become a vanguard in the security service industry in South Florida by being among the first companies to implement a guard tour system, which allows us to monitor and verify the efficiency of the security patrol. The client is our top priority, which is why our president manages every incident. Qualified and certified professionals handle our accounting department. Instant communication between officers and our control base is available 24 hours. Emergencies are handled with tact and speed. Working as a team we obtain better results.

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