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Advantages of Hiring a Miami Security Guard for Your Small Business

Homeland Patrol Corporation is a security guard agency offering services to our community, including unarmed uniformed officers. We provide professional services at a cost-effective hourly rate.

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Owners of small to medium businesses in Florida may sometimes underestimate the need for formal security at their workplace.

In fact, many companies mistakenly assume that hiring a Miami security guard is only appropriate for banks, malls, retail outlets, hospitals and other large public places, but not for offices and factories.

In doing so, they end up missing both tangible and intangible benefits that can be provided to any successful business by reputed security companies in Miami. Here are four undeniable advantages of hiring security guards in Miami for your small business.

A strong sense of safety with Miami Security Guard

When you decide to partner with one of the reputable Miami security companies, your employees are bound to feel grateful for the enhanced feeling of safety at the place they earn a living at. This is especially valuable if your business is located in a relatively less populated area.

It can also come in handy when your employees work late hours, or need to visit the workplace on weekends or holidays.

In these situations, the security guard can escort an employee from and to the parking lot, so the sense of safety is maintained at all times. All these aspects will help your employees feel comfortable and valued at work. This in turn will have a positive effect on their productivity and loyalty to your business.

Prevention is better than cure – Miami Security Company

It takes just one untoward incident to shatter the peace in your place of business. Having a security agency in Miami take charge of the safety of your premises, your employees, technical equipment and perhaps even your merchandise, can dramatically improve your peace of mind and that of your employees.

In addition, vandals, petty thieves and other mischief-makers will be wary of making any attempt to disturb your business, when they see an armed security guard protecting your company’s premises at all times.

Organized traffic management

Some business owners may think that the only responsibility of a security guard is to maintain the safety of your workplace.

However, this is not the case. Miami security guards can also be trained to direct traffic appropriately within your premises, so there is no confusion between employees, clients, vendors, and visitors.

In fact, many companies choose to delegate the distribution of employee and visitor badges to security guard companies in Miami, as this falls within their area of expertise. They can help you set up a well-documented badge system and provide better traffic management for your visitors and vendors.

Customer service management

It is not uncommon for companies to have their Miami security guard greet visitors at the entrance of their premises.

In fact, this even makes for better customer service as the guard is informed about your business needs, and can appropriately guide the visitor to the right department. This will also be appreciated by customers and vendors alike, especially if they visit your business outside business hours.

In these cases, the guard can be trained to maintain a ledger with their name, contact details, and a brief description on the purpose of their visit. This will help to maintain meticulous visitor records and conduct follow-ups as needed.


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A Vanguard in The Security Service Industry

With 25 years experience, Homeland Patrol is the dedicated security team you need to protect your business and employees. Through the years Homeland Patrol has become a vanguard in the security service industry in South Florida by being among the first companies to implement a guard tour system, which allows us to monitor and verify the efficiency of the security patrol. The client is our top priority, which is why our president manages every incident. Qualified and certified professionals handle our accounting department. Instant communication between officers and our control base is available 24 hours. Emergencies are handled with tact and speed. Working as a team we obtain better results.

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