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8 Qualities Good Security Guards Have in Miami

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A security guard provides a demanding service, as their actions and responses potentially affect the people around them.

For this reason, it is important for your chosen Miami security guard to have these eight intrinsic characteristics, in order to be mature enough to take on the responsibility of protecting human lives.

  1. Sharp instincts

One of the foundational qualities of a stellar security guard is to have sharp reflexes, especially during a dangerous situation, so they can quickly respond in a way to effectively counter any threat.

For this reason, Miami security companies often hire military veterans as they are groomed with this trait over years of formidable training.

  1. Sensible disposition

In this nature of work, it is common to come across unexpected situations. A security guard must be able to differentiate quickly between a genuine threat and a possible misunderstanding.

In case of danger, they should also be able to study the situation from multiple angles, foresee the impact of their actions in order to make a balanced judgment, and act on their decision without becoming overwhelmed.

  1. Good people skills

Security companies in Miami often train their personnel to acquire good people skills and the ability to diffuse a crisis before it escalates. They need to be gentle with people, as they will need to take on multiple roles as part of their job.

In some cases, they will need to lead from the front and hence come across as decisive and assertive. In some other situations, they will need to be a willing and supportive follower. Both roles are required in order to have your entire security team stay vigilant and effective at all times.

  1. Strong communication skills

A security guard’s job may seem contrary as they often work alone and report to a leader and are responsible for coordinating with the command center.

This will only be manageable if the security officer communicates effectively with their peers, their leader or employer, and with the public (as required). They may also be responsible for ensuring the flow of communication across these channels in order to minimize potential threats.

  1. Endurance

Security agencies in Miami are known for hiring guards with outstanding fitness levels, simply because physical showdowns are sometimes a necessity in this job. The moment your guard spots a potential aggressor – be it a confused vandal, a sneaky thief, or a hardened criminal – they should have the physical and mental agility to outperform and overcome the suspect.

Paul Blart in Mall Cop does not quite fit the bill in this aspect.

  1. Compassion

You might wonder what compassion has to do with a security officer. But, in reality, there is a thin line between neutralizing an aggressor and becoming one yourself. This balance is achieved through compassion, so the security officer maintains value and respect for life in all circumstances.

  1. Attention to minor details

In this field, missing any minute detail can dangerously inflate a seemingly harmless situation. For instance, security guards often work in shifts in order to serve and protect a prominent client 24/7.

Here, it is important for the security officer to be focused on the client’s needs and security instructions during the entire tenure of their shift and use detailed written instructions to hand over responsibilities to the next guard on duty, at the end of his shift. Any miss on either end can result in a potentially risky situation.

  1. Specialized coaching

Clearly, a security guard’s job is no ordinary task. For this reason, they need to be frequently (re)trained on the latest standards and prevailing industry practices. Hence, specialized coaching is required from the parent security company in Miami, so their employees are constantly equipped with the best tools and knowledge to satisfy the duties of the position.


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With 25 years experience, Homeland Patrol is the dedicated security team you need to protect your business and employees. Through the years Homeland Patrol has become a vanguard in the security service industry in South Florida by being among the first companies to implement a guard tour system, which allows us to monitor and verify the efficiency of the security patrol. The client is our top priority, which is why our president manages every incident. Qualified and certified professionals handle our accounting department. Instant communication between officers and our control base is available 24 hours. Emergencies are handled with tact and speed. Working as a team we obtain better results.

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